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What is Happy Turtle?

Happy Turtle is a collection of plug-ins for the Build Version Increment project. Using revision numbers from a source control repository, these plug-ins can automatically version assemblies that are built in Visual Studio. Currently, only one source control is supported, SVN, but more should be coming.

An Example

Let's say you want your project to have version numbers like this: 1.0.x.0. You want 'x' to be the revision number of the source you are compiling. A Happy Turtle plug-in can do this for you.
You have have some source code checked out at revision 509. When you build a release, the Happy Turtle plug-ins and BVI will build a project with the version 1.0.509.0.
All you have to do (after installing BVI and the plug-in) is change the Build Version Increment version settings to use the right version style. In this case, the setting would look something like: None.None.SVNRevision.None.

What is Build Version Increment?

Build Increment Version is an add-in for Visual Studio. It can be easily configured to increment the version number of a project when the project is built. BVI has a number of basic version incrementing schemes, but also includes a plug-in system so that custom incrementors can be used. That's where the Happy Turtle comes in.
Check out Build Version Increment to learn more.

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