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by papagenoFr
Sep 15, 2011
6:42 PM

Being evaluated

Here is a patch I made to update your plugin for the latest version of "Build Version Increment Add-In" (version 2.5, dll included in the patch). I also converted the solution to VS2010 and updated the refs to SharpSvn to the latest stable version. For size's sake, I have not included SharpSvn dlls in the patch, you could just d/l the latest version.

Finally, I added a new Incrementor to split the revision number between build and revision, because .net limits each version part to 65535. My svn curent rev number nears that, so I needed something to overcome that. I used the method described here :


by BladeWise
Oct 27, 2010
9:38 AM

Being evaluated

I created a VS2010 branch of the project, updating the plugin to be compliant with BuildVersionIncrement 2.3.x.x.
Note that I linked against the 64bit version of SharpSVN.

The attached zip files contains the complete branch structure, if you are willing to add the branch to your repository.
On a side note, I compiled against SharpSVN 64-bit.



by joniw
Oct 3, 2010
2:41 AM

Being evaluated

Just made a few Modifications to work with the Build Version Increment Version 2.3. Only works if the patch for the the work item 5514 has been solved (patch already submitted).


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