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Configure BVI to use a Happy Turtle Plugin

First, make sure that BVI and the Happy Turtle plugin(s) have been installed according to the How to Install page.
If you are building with the SVN plugin, it is assumed that the project that is being built is in a checked out working copy.
  1. Open Visual Studio, and open the project/solution you're interested in.
  2. From the menu, select Tools -> BuildVersionIncrement -> Settings.
  3. In the BVI settings, first select the appropriate item in the left column that you wish to edit settings for. This will most likely be your project, however other options exist. Visit the BVI documentation for more info.
  4. Expand the Versioning Style property in the right column. Use this to customize how you want your version numbers to look. The corresponding dropdown will let you select a Happy Turtle incrementor, or one of BVI's built in incrementors.
  5. Make sure that at least one of the "Update Assembly Version" or "Update Assembly File Version" options are set to true. Also make sure "Version Increment Enabled" in the lower left corner is checked.
  6. Configure any other settings that you like.

Once the settings are configured, the version of your assembly will be updated any time you build (and you're in the build configuration specified in the BVI settings).

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